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A Dispatcher’s Resolutions

In 2017  I am working with a brand new computer system that integrates all parts of the police department into one paperless stream of information. That’s the theory anyway, so my first resolution for the new year is to not complain about the change. Change is good, […]

A Dispatcher’s Year’s End

If you work in a 911 dispatch center it is a given that you will probably never get New Year’s Eve off. I can’t remember the last time I was home the last night of the year. Christmas for my agency is not a time when we need […]

Physical Disturbance

I think the biggest stress factor for 911 dispatchers is not being trusted to do their jobs. So many callers, people who may never have previously called 911, feel they have to tell 911 what to do and how to do it. Unfortunately, when we take an […]

Demon Drink And 911

I live and work in a tourist town so almost by definition there is alcohol everywhere and it is for sale in Key West 21 hours a day year round. Closing time is four in the morning and three hours later there are two bars that I […]