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Girls Night Out

The caller was in Miami. Luckily for him our 911 center also answers the administrative lines for the Key West Police Department. So even though he called at one in the morning his call did not go to a recording. It came to me.  He told me […]

A Call About A Truck

It is the policy where I work that whenever a citizen calls we will send an officer to investigate. Sometimes the policy catches a problem in the making, other times it seems like we are being played by malicious callers. Sometimes a well meaning caller gets it […]

Long Distance 911

Calling 911 using a cellphone connects you to the nearest 911 center, not the emergency service center where your phone is based. That’s another common misconception about 911; that your phone is somehow always going to call the 911 center where you live. Your cell phone is […]

911 And The Business Traveler

Safety for the business traveler is a big deal these days especially considering how easy it is to stay safe with just a little caution. However, not many travelers think through the possibilities of how they can help loved ones at home who suddenly have an emergency […]