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Integrating 911 Buddy To Your Phone

The advantages of my emergency app for Iphone 911 Buddy are immediately obvious once you understand the limitations of the landline based 911 technology. The 911 system, a network of 6300 independent 911 centers around the US, is based on telephone technology from the 1960s.  This means […]

911 Buddy Design

When I designed 911Buddy  knew in my head how I wanted my app to look and how it should work, and I was clear right from the start. I knew it had to be simple and easy to use with as few steps as possible because the […]

Helping Your Family With 911Buddy

In 12 years working as a 911 dispatcher I have learned not to be surprised by anything. Some callers tell me they have an “odd situation,” but I’ve pretty much heard it all and nothing surprises me. Except for one thing which I want to talk about […]

911 Buddy Locator

It happens from time to time that  someone calls our 911 dispatch center and wants to speak to a 911 center across the state or across the country.  From our police station in Key West, Florida at the very southern most tip of the state we can […]