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Translation Services

This story astonished me, that a dispatcher “hung up” on a Spanish speaker in need of help. I speak several languages but for callers to our center in Key West we use a translation service. It is a little slow, especially if we need someone other than […]

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Crowd Control

In our dispatch center New Year’s Eve is a night you can expect to work. I don’t remember the last time I was at home at midnight but for my wife who rarely stays up that late it’s no big deal. For some people shift work kills […]

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The  police and doughnuts thing is a popular stereotype, usually negative about cops. I’m frankly not sure where it came from but members of the public think cops and doughnuts are hilarious. I’ve been working around police officers for more than a decade and I saw more doughnuts […]

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Demonstrating 911buddy

It’s a major task educating people about how the 911buddy app works, even before the app itself is available for sale. With the app getting its final polish from the engineers we are hoping to send it off to Apple next week, finally, a few weeks delayed. […]