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Demonstrating 911buddy

It’s a major task educating people about how the 911buddy app works, even before the app itself is available for sale. With the app getting its final polish from the engineers we are hoping to send it off to Apple next week, finally, a few weeks delayed. […]

911 app

Supervisor Supports Dispatcher

In an ideal world this wouldn’t be a headline worth noting but to me, a dispatcher with eleven years experience, all too often the silent heroes of emergency call outs are not only forgotten but remembered when it’s time to find a scapegoat. I’ve been lucky in […]

911 app

911 Emergency Response Times

Usually stories about 911 calls and emergency centers involve some failing, actual or purported, by the operator. In this story from November actually doesn’t find fault with the 911 system. Cheers! A frightened Ohio State University security supervisor at the Wexner Center for the Arts watched as […]

Medical Emergency

Your elderly father calls from Florida and tells you that he’s not feeling well but he’s going to be fine. You are worried and think that he should go to the hospital. Instead of having to hang up and hope that he calls 911, you activate 911buddy™ […]