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The Dog That Didn’t Bark

I keep telling people who don’t work in the emergency services that when they have an occasion to call 911 in an emergency, their first inclination will be to call someone they know, love, and trust to be sure they are doing the right thing.  We dispatchers […]

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When 911 Breaks

It makes headlines when it happens and just last week it did happen. AT&T had a technical problem affecting wireless 911 calls in 14 states. It went on most of Wednesday night and had emergency managers frantically trying to advise the public through the press and social […]

911 Won’t Break

The good news is that in a crisis the 911 system is the last communication system to break- hopefully.  The idea is that by keeping 911 apart from regular phone lines the emergency response system will work when the regular phones are taken down by natural phenomena, […]

You Can’t Call Home on 911

When I answer the 911 lines I say: “Key West 911, where is your emergency?”  It’s a formula that works best for me, as often callers don’t know the address and if I ask them where the address of the emergency is they get all hung up […]