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Dialing From A Hotel

I work in a 911 dispatch center in a tourist town. Key West, a city of 23,000 residents, gets about two and  a half million visitors a year who seek the tropical sun at the very southern tip of Florida. So, it is not surprising my 911 […]

Low Tech 911

I am lucky to work in a 911 center in a small town where there is a commitment to emergency services of the highest quality. We get the latest equipment, training (even out of town), and solid pay and benefits. It’s hard to get a job well […]

Domestic Misery

I am continually amazed by the nuances required to do my job and answer 911 emergency calls. A few nights ago, I answered another in a string of emergency calls and found myself talking to a woman sobbing hopelessly into the phone.  My first thought was that […]

The Dog That Didn’t Bark

I keep telling people who don’t work in the emergency services that when they have an occasion to call 911 in an emergency, their first inclination will be to call someone they know, love, and trust to be sure they are doing the right thing.  We dispatchers […]