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Trust The Dispatcher

The worst thing about my job is that people who call me for help don’t trust me. You can tell me anything, and I’ve heard it all. Just shot someone? Call me I can help. Your vibrator got stuck?  Call me, I’m a 911 dispatcher.  Nothing fazes […]

911 app

911 Empathy

During the thirteen years I have been taking 911 calls I find many of our callers don’t always tell us the exact truth when they are explaining their situation. Often I think people alter facts to gain sympathy as though we won’t send them help except in […]

Police And Dispatch: A Strange Relationship

There is no universal rule for how dispatch centers across the United States are run, but almost all of them are staffed by non sworn civilian employees just like me. That is because we cost less to pay than sworn police officers who also get a much […]

Trust The Dispatcher When You Call 911

My colleague got a call from a woman frantic to connect with a 911 center in Illinois. My colleague used her cellphone to pull up 911Buddy, the app that allows you to call any 911 center in the United States, and typed in the city and state […]