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Integrating 911 Buddy To Your Phone

The advantages of my emergency app for Iphone 911 Buddy are immediately obvious once you understand the limitations of the landline based 911 technology. The 911 system, a network of 6300 independent 911 centers around the US, is based on telephone technology from the 1960s.  This means 911 centers across the country have no way of integrating modern smartphone technology into their operations. Applications, gadgets and useful tools are all outside their technological abilities. This shortcoming has become known to the public at large because sometimes 911 dispatchers have trouble locating people who need help.

Usually this problem comes to light in the form of a dramatic news story showing how the 911 dispatcher had no idea where the victim was and how they could not be located. It seems unbelievable to the public so used to finding mapping information on their pocket telephones. I take these calls myself and the public is so conditioned by television and movies they expect me to have more than mapping services at my finger tips, they expect me to be able to monitor them with satellite “eyes in the sky.” Nothing could be further from the truth: I am just your neighbor working with a phone and a bank of computer screens…

Police dispatcher
A police dispatcher working at console

That’s another reason why I am so enthusiastic about my iPhone app 911Buddy which opens up a world of location possibilities between your smartphone and any 911 center. With 911 Buddy you can combine another app, Find-a-Friend or Glympse which can help you locate your loved one if they aren’t sure where they are. Then you drop a pin in the 911Buddy map and automatically call the 911 center they need. It is that simple.

Imagine if your son was out hiking on a weekend trip and injured himself on the trail.  Now you can help locate him and pass on that information directly to the 911 center that will send out a rescue party. This interface also would allow you to locate a family member in trouble on a  road trip. If they don’t know exactly where they are, by calling you first you can use another app as outlined here and help the 911 center in that area find your loved ones by the side of the road.

All this without needing to spend a dime of public money to upgrade any of those 6300 911 centers around the US.