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Girls Night Out

The caller was in Miami. Luckily for him our 911 center also answers the administrative lines for the Key West Police Department. So even though he called at one in the morning his call did not go to a recording. It came to me.  He told me his girlfriend was spending the weekend in Key West with some girlfriends and she had just called him in a panic.

It seems she was stuck in her hotel room with a stranger pounding the door and demanding to be let in. According to our Miami caller the man took an interest in his girlfriend for no reason and was now threatening all the women in the hotel room. Aside from the rather flimsy cover story in a town where strangers hook up all the time in bars, it was clear we needed to get officers to the caller’s girlfriend to make sure everyone was okay and to calm a potentially dangerous situation.

It might surprise you to know people very often don’t call 911 directly and there are lots of reasons for this. Situations that involve a call to 911 are rarely clear cut and a person may want to get advice from a loved one they trust rather than calling a stranger. It’s in these cases I wish everyone had 911 Buddy on their phone. With my app on his smartphone the boyfriend in Miami could have called us directly while his girlfriend was on the line which would have helped me to direct the appropriate help to her wherever she was in Key West. Plus the boyfriend would have heard her getting help and he would have been reassured. It’s an easy app to download to an iPhone.

As it was it took a while, lots of precious time lost, but we managed to connect with the girlfriend and get her help and all was well that ended well. With 911Buddy it would have been easier, faster and more efficient and more reassuring for all three of us. Because even I, the grizzled 911 Dispatcher like stories that end well, and the faster the better.