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Why Join


It’s unthinkable that you would leave a loved one to go to the Emergency Room alone, if you could be there. So why do we let our most vulnerable family members and friends fend for themselves when it comes to calling 911? Because until now we could not be there.

It works like this:


It wasn’t long after my daughter started driving that she was the victim of road rage. I can still hear the panic in her voice when I received the cell phone call from her telling me that she was being pursued an angry, aggressive driver. That driver was angry with my daughter for having pulled out in front of her in traffic. When I answered the phone I heard the terror in my daughter’s voice when she said, “Daddy, there is a woman following me and I think she is trying to run me off the road. She is laying down on her horn and shaking her fist and acting as if she is going to ram the rear end of my car. No matter where I turn she just keeps following me. I don’t know what to do.” I desperately wanted to call the police for help but I didn’t want to lose phone contact with my daughter. At that moment I would have given anything for the ability to call the police while maintaining phone contact with my daughter. Unfortunately, that technology didn’t exist then. When I realized that my daughter and I were only a few blocks apart I directed her toward me thinking that I could confront the angry driver and protect my daughter. Fortunately, that nasty confrontation didn’t happen because the woman gave up and stopped perusing my daughter just before arriving at my location. Whenever I think back on that incident I realize how valuable 911 Buddy would have been to us then and what an essential tool for safety it is today.

- Gary S. | Tennessee

I could see 911 buddy being helpful in a situation like what happened in my apartment in cleveland : when I was in my early twenties, I met a guy in southern California, and he moved in with me…he was 20 and had no signs of depression or mental illness, and rode the bus across the country from living with his mom. Something about the abrupt change set him off; because when I went for a long walk one night, about a few weeks from his arrival, I came back to find a bunch of flashing police cars. I was gone for about 2 hours, and during that time, he had begun slashing his wrists. He became frantic that he was bleeding and alone, so he called his mom. She called the cleveland police, trying 911 but could not get through. After another half an hour, calling others in southern California in family, someone had number of family friend in Parma a suburb of cleveland, and by contacting them, we’re able to access 911. He wound up going to a psych ward in nearby hospital so they could watch him for 3 days. The family was stunned that he acted that way, as was I. But he wound up having some mental problems and going back to California. It was very sad, but he at least had proper medical attention and chose not to kill himself with his mother’s help.

- Mandy Szostek | Ohio