Emergency App - Frequently Asked Questions - 911Buddy™

911Buddy Emergency FAQs

Won’t my smart phone call the 911 center associated with the area code in my phone?

No. It’s a common misconception that cell phones call the “home” 911 center. The fact is your cell phone will call the 911 center nearest to your actual physical location.

Can 911Buddy call the center where I am located?

We have included a 911 button in 911Buddy to call the 911 center where you are located. That gives you easy access to your own information in 911Buddy.

What if my phone is stolen – is my medical data safe?

If you lock your phone any attempt to break in will automatically delete all information stored including 911Buddy information.

What if my child is kidnapped, can I locate the phone?

No. In order to respect our customers’ privacy we have chosen not to include your location in 911Buddy. As a parent, you may chose to activate phone finder for your child. Using that information, you can drop a pin on the 911Buddy map and instantly call for help.

What if my husband is out hiking and can only send me a text if he gets lost or hurt?

If you know where he is hiking; when you get his text asking for help you can drop a pin at the nearest road on your 911Buddy™ map. You will automatically reach the correct 911 center to initiate Search and Rescue services on that trail.

What if I’m traveling and my infirm parent calls me and I need to call 911 for them?

911Buddy™ works in the 50 states, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.  We hope to add Canadian service as soon as  practicable.

What if my best friend out of state hasn’t called me this week as he always does?

You can activate 911Buddy direct and you don’t have to have anyone else on the line. However, it’s up to the 911 center you call whether they do well-being checks; most do, a few don’t. That’s the local nature of 911 service.

How do I tell the 911 operator I’m calling with a friend?

The first question you will hear is, “Where is the address of the emergency?” Tell the operator there are two people on the line and exactly where to send help. The exact location is the most important single item you need to give.

What if my loved one doesn’t speak English?

911Buddy is the ideal tool for you to interpret your native language into English. 911 operators are not required to be multilingual but they do have access to interpreter services.

Will 911Buddy take texts?

911 centers are testing emergency text technology when the 911 centers can take texts 911Buddy will add that feature. Obviously, you can receive texts and can activate 911Buddy once you know where the person texting is located. You don’t have to have the other person on the line to activate 911Buddy.

Once I’ve bought 911Buddy what do I need to do to keep the service active?

You need to renew your membership and periodically update the information that you store. Consider updating 911Buddy pages when you experience a life event like moving, illness or even buying a new car. How much you choose to share with your buddies is entirely up to you. The more information you store the better the app works.