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911 Buddy Locator

It happens from time to time that  someone calls our 911 dispatch center and wants to speak to a 911 center across the state or across the country.  From our police station in Key West, Florida at the very southern most tip of the state we can only transfer 911 calls to our county Sheriff’s office or to Miami 911. Other than that we have no ability to transfer to any other city or county in Florida, never mind the other 49 states. So what do we do?

I had a caller who had a family member with a medical problem in Rochester New York. I have no idea where that is exactly, but instead of searching online for a number I simply opened up 911 Buddy on my personal cell phone and entered “Rochester” and “NY” on the Call For Help page and  then I saved a screen shot of the number and disconnected so I didn’t waste my colleagues’ time trying to explain why I called them without an emergency… I then read the screenshot to my caller and she hung up with me eager to get help to her family in New York state.  The whole operation took 20 seconds.

Later I went online to see if I could have found the number but there was nothing I could see that resembled the number 911 Buddy showed.  Anyone with an iPhone can get access to this technology by going to the iTunes Store (Soon to be made available for Android). You never know when you might need to make that all important call to help a loved one.