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How 911 Buddy Works

Isn’t the 911 Emergency Service


Danger can strike at any time. Often times the only thing that gives us peace of mind are the systems we rely on to keep us safe – police, firefighters, EMTs, and emergency assistance. And tying this diverse network of safety professionals together is the 911 emergency service system. Or is it?

Turns out, the 911 system is a strictly local service with approximately 6,300 answering centers that only service their local populations. 911 centers cannot transfer you across the state, never mind across the country. This means that if you are separated by any distance from your loved ones – and if they are vulnerable or rely on you for any reason-they are on their own in the case of an emergency.


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With 911Buddy®

you CAN:

  • Speak to a 911 operator anywhere in the U.S.
  • Be on the line with the operator and your loved one at the same time
  • Give any 911 operator accurate location information including gate codes
  • Give any 911 operator up-to-date medical information about your loved one
  • Ask the operator to check on a family member who hasn’t been heard from recently
911 Buddy Scenarios
  • Medical Emergency

    Your elderly father calls from Florida and tells you that he’s not feeling well but he’s going to be fine. You are worried and think that he should go to the hospital.  Instead of having to hang up and hope that he calls 911, you activate 911buddy™ by clicking on his address which will connect you with his 911 operator.  Now you are on the line with his 911 operator and your father at the same time. You have a list of his medications in your phone along with his medical history which you pass on to the 911 operator.  You can then stay on the line with your father until the paramedics get there.

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  • Car Crash

    You have loved ones on the road.  They need help. As long as they can tell you roughly where they are you can activate the 911Buddy® map. You drop a pin on your 911Buddy® map and you will be connected with the correct operator. Now you are on the line with the 911 operator and your loved ones at the same time. Together you can give accurate information to the 911 operator.

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  • Home Invasion

    Sometimes those staying home have the emergency and call a family member on the road. In this case, the traveler receives a call from a spouse or a friend at home who hears noises but may very well be reluctant to call 911.  In addition to giving reassurance the traveler can activate their home 911 while staying on the line with their loved one until help gets there.

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  • Texting Help

    A park ranger told us when people need help on a trail they may be able to text when they can’t use voice communication. Anytime you find yourself only able to send even a one word text, send it to your buddy.  As long as they know where you are; they can activate the app and get you help wherever you are.

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  • Well-Being Check

    911Buddy® can be useful even if you cannot reach your loved one.  If you regularly check in with someone and they are overdue, you can use 911Buddy®  to reach their emergency center and ask to have a police officer check up on them. Most but not all agencies will comply with your request.

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